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Getting mental health care in California is easy, secure and safe with Mindful Health Solutions

It is more important now than ever before to address health concerns and needs within our communities. COVID-19 has intensified the stress of everyone—making it even harder to cope with pre-existing anxiety, depression, stress and other mental health struggles. While … Continue reading

If You’re Dealing With Seasonal Affective Disorder This Winter, TMS Therapy Could Help

Most people are familiar with the signs and symptoms of clinical depression, which can cause persistent negative feelings, fatigue, and other physical problems. But a lesser-known form of the condition is called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), which arises or becomes … Continue reading

Basic Mechanism of Action

Mechanism of Action for TMS- APA Presentation 2019

See How TMS Treatment Works!

TMS Treatment offers a New Opportunity for Recovery: Dedicated to bettering its patients’ lives

Mindful Health Solutions is an FDA approved, in-office treatment for patients with advanced depression that stimulates depressed areas of the brain. Mindful Health Solutions is dedicated to bettering its patients’ lives by continually researching and finding new relief solutions for … Continue reading

What is TMS? Mindful Health Solutions offers compassionate and comprehensive care

Mindful Health Solutions offers compassionate and comprehensive care to patients who deal with advanced depression. Mindful Health Solutions provides an FDA approved TMS treatment used to benefit patients with Major Depressive Disorder. TMS treatment is for patients who have tried … Continue reading