Amy Ellis, MD


Dr. Ellis is a Board Certified Psychiatrist with deep credentials in community health centers, public hospitals, inpatient centers and private practice. She has years of experience treating patients with mental illness and helping them grow to their full potential.

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More about Amy Ellis, MD

A few years into medical school, Dr. Ellis was driven to pursue psychiatry after personally witnessing the power of medication plus psychotherapy to provide healing for someone suffering from depression. She saw recovery for patients with mental illness that involved both psychiatry and neurology. She also viewed psychiatry as a way to help people find a more positive outlook on life. In retrospect, this desire to help others began early in life as she has always been an avid volunteer and enjoys helping people feel better.

Dr. Ellis finds a goal-oriented approach is very effective when treating patients. She works with patients to set realistic goals that are attainable during or after each visit. Over time, she finds this helps patients achieve success and positive outcomes. She is seen by patients as being upbeat, and she tends to find positivity at her core.

Her focus on anxiety, depression, psychosis, and PTSD led her to first come across Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), as she saw it provided an additional treatment modality to further help patients achieve a successful outcome in treatment. She sees psychiatric treatment as historically involving medication management, with TMS as the newer, safe, efficacious modality that offers similar success. She is well-versed in helping patients manage their medication regimen and looks forward to adding TMS as another treatment in helping her patients find relief and live happier lives.

She joined Mindful Health Solutions in August of 2017.

Personal Interests

Dr. Ellis is an ardent nature enthusiastic, with a big heart for animals and all things outdoors. She appreciates living in California and the diversity of geography, from mountains and lakes to wide expanses of open land. She likes the moderate temperatures that allow her to enjoy her favorite activities, such as paddle boarding, hiking and spending time with her dogs.

Education & Experience

Dr. Ellis graduated from the University of Texas in Houston and completed her residency in Galveston, Texas.

During medical school, she was in a research study looking at developmental impairment of the orbitofrontal-limbic circuit of the brain as a biological marker for autism and the socio-emotional deficits characteristic of the disorder.

Following graduation from medical school, she honed her skills in psychiatry during residency. She also participated in the Texas Medical Association as the Resident Liaison on their Committee for Child/Adolescent Health. She experienced many different areas of psychiatry during her residency and was surrounded by learning and academics as she completed her training.

She went on to practice at a mental health center, and eventually became the lead psychiatrist for the Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health Network and the Assertive Community Treatment Centers. She moved on to practice at a state hospital where she enjoyed the team approach on complex cases. Additionally, she became a Senior Associate Instructor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in the Department of Psychiatry. These experiences readied her to initiate the first psychiatric practice in a town in a very rural setting in Colorado, which was both challenging and fulfilling. She worked directly with the National Health Service Corps to create the program that involved both inpatient and outpatient work.

After a move to Northern California, she joined the Sutter Yuba Behavioral Health and Psychiatric Emergency Services and was also a consultant for the Rideout Emergency Department in Yuba. She worked towards bridging the gap between a community hospital and a mental health center to provide continuity of care. She has remained dedicated to patient-centric care throughout her career.

Certifications & Memberships

  • Member, American Psychiatric Association
  • Member, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
  • Certificate from Duke University, ECT Training Fellowship

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