Brittiny Brown, LPC


Brittiny Brown is a Licensed Professional Counselor joining Mindful Health Solutions' Houston clinic as a Psychotherapist. Her areas of interest include anxiety, depression, and difficult life adjustments.

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More about Brittiny Brown, LPC

Brittiny Brown is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Mindful Health Solutions’ Houston clinic as a Psychotherapist. Her areas of interest include anxiety, depression, and difficult life adjustments. Some of her therapeutic focuses include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered Therapy, Holistic Therapy, and some Dialectical behavior therapy/mindfulness. She prefers to use a collaborative and holistic approach with patients. She enjoys helping patients reach their full potential and helping them navigate through life, especially during difficult times.

She believes in achieving high-quality work as a therapist, which to her means meeting an individual where they are. In her own words, this looks like listening to someone, without judgment, to understand/analyze their wants and needs. This also means understanding where they are on their journey and trying to find ways in which she can assist them in reaching their goals.

As a Psychotherapist, Brittiny Brown chose Mindful Health Solutions because of unique and advanced therapeutic techniques such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy and esketamine treatments. In her opinion, these treatment options are helpful for those who have treatment-resistant depression and have most likely tried everything. These options give people hope and the help that they need. Overall to her, Mindful Health Solution’s patient-centered values align with her own.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, Brittiny likes to spend time with my loved ones. She also likes to shop, travel, and try different hobbies. She also has a personal passion for self-improvement. To her, self-improvement means being mentally/physically healthy, taking time for herself, setting healthy boundaries, etc. Being her best self, in her own words, helps her to help others to become their best selves.

Education & Experience

Brittiny attended Prairie View A&M University for her undergrad in Criminal Justice. She then stayed for her Master of Arts degree in Counseling by 2016.

After graduating, she began working as an Academic Advisor at a University, where she enjoyed helping young adults navigate through college. She eventually transitioned into working as a therapist at an outpatient treatment center, where her main focus was group work and individual therapy. From there, she transitioned into working at a juvenile detention center, working with misunderstood youth. After the pandemic, she made her last transition and became a telehealth therapist to help patients receive therapy from the comfort of their own homes.

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