James Jung, MD


Dr. James Jung is a psychiatrist at Mindful Health Solutions who focuses on trauma, depression, and interventional psychiatry.

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More about James Jung, MD

Dr. James Jung is a psychiatrist at Mindful Health Solutions who focuses on trauma, depression, and interventional psychiatry. He has always been interested in what makes people unique and how the brain affects that. Dr. Jung took that interest into psychiatry. Now, he is able to work with patients to find out what is causing the issues they’re facing and determine what treatment paths will be the right fit for them.

He values working collaboratively with patients while always keeping their best interests in mind. Dr. Jung wants to know what their goals are and how they want to live their life. He then assesses how he can help them achieve those goals through their mental health treatments. It is important to Dr. Jung that he and his patients explore options and treatments together. Doing so helps ensure that patients are comfortable and that they understand why the treatments they’re choosing will help.

Dr. James Jung joined Mindful Health Solutions because of its patient-first philosophy and access to alternative treatments. He believes that TMS therapy is a great tool for depression and anxiety since its lack of side effects can make it a great alternative when other options aren’t working. On that same note, he also believes that esketamine is also a great alternative because of its clear benefits in cases of treatment-resistant depression.

Personal Interests

Outside of work, Dr. James Jung enjoys spending time with family and with his two dogs. He surfs regularly in the Bay Area, and paddleboards and free dives as often as he can in the Monterey area. Otherwise, he is relaxing by tending to his ‘excessive’ plant collection.

Education & Experience

Dr. Jung received his bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Colorado State University in 2006. He worked until getting his doctorate in medicine from the University of New Mexico School of Medicine in 2018.

He has been in the psychiatry field for most of his work experience. Most recently, he was completing his Psychiatry Residency with UC David Health. He did internships with UC David Health as well, but before his mental health work, he served as a Captain in the US Army from 2006-2010.

Certifications & Memberships

  • American Psychiatric Association
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine

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