Raymond Hsu, PsyD


Dr. Raymond Hsu is a California-based Psychotherapist focusing on holistic care with a broad variety of patients.

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More about Raymond Hsu, PsyD

Dr. Raymond Hsu is a California-based Psychotherapist with a broad variety of patients. Dr. Hsu’s interests revolve around the concept of anti-fragility, resiliency, and positive psychology. In his opinion, there is a tendency to focus on the negative aspects of mental health (e.g., illness, maladaptive behaviors, avoidance). Dr. Hsu guides his patients to rewire the negative aspects of their life (i.e., emotions, behaviors, thoughts) and gain insight into their anti-fragility and resilience.

One of Dr. Hsu’s main focuses in therapy is to build a solid rapport to ensure a good alliance is built between him and his patient. He offers a compassionate yet direct approach to therapy, which may feel abrasive for some. Similar to the Crucible Model in couple’s therapy, Dr. Hsu wants to help a patient move towards their respective goals by pushing past the challenges that are brought about by change.  

Dr. Raymond Hsu is passionate about holistic care for his patients. Having access to therapy alongside traditional medications, or other alternative treatments such as Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and esketamine, can ensure patients find a path that works best for them as unique individuals. Dr. Hsu understands that there is no cookie-cutter model that works for everyone. Fully embracing a holistic approach to mental health, he values that each person’s path to anti-fragility and resilience is different and embraces one’s journey toward that path.

Personal Interests

One of Dr. Hsu’s passion is travel.  After graduating from undergrad, he was able to embark on a backpacking adventure across Europe. He has since been able to take on more adventures since graduating with his doctorate, visiting almost 100 countries to date. For him, travel represents another form of medicine as it offers perspective from different cultures and creates connections. He becomes even more excited able to combine his passion of snowboarding with his travels, riding in more remote locations in Japan and New Zealand.

Education & Experience

Dr. Hsu earned his Associates degree in Psychology at Pasadena City College, before attending the University of California for his Bachelors degree in Psychology as well. He then went to the California School of Professional Psychology for his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Hsu’s focus during graduate school was around children, families and couples. Upon graduating, he was also able to work in geriatric psychology, assisting his patients with quality of life and end of life transitions. When he transitioned to Los Angeles County’s Department of Mental Health (DMH), he worked with juvenile offenders before transitioning to a population he is deeply affiliated; Veterans. He headed DMH’s Veteran’s homeless housing program that was contracted by the Veterans Administration Hospital in West Los Angeles.  In 2016, he was afforded the opportunity to work for the LAPD as a police psychologist. One of the most exciting aspects of Dr. Hsu’s time as a police psychologist was to be apart of the LAPD’s Specialized Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team as a crisis negotiator consultant. His proudest moment came when he was able to utilize his skills and training to successfully negotiate with an armed barricaded suspect as the primary negotiator.



Certifications & Memberships

  • Board of Psychology - California License
  • Lanterman-Petris-Short (LPS) Authorized
  • Academy Instructor Certification Course - Los Angeles Police Department

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