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Iodine’s Start App For Depression Partners With Mindful Health Solutions, Marking the First Clinical Apple Carekit Integration In Mental Health

THS Clinicians Will Use Innovative Mobile Program To More Closely Monitor Depression Treatment

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 18, 2016): Iodine Inc., announced today that Iodine’s Apple CareKit-enabled program and mobile app for depression, Start, will be clinically integrated at California-based Mindful Health Solutions (THS) in an effort to closely monitor depression treatment and help patients get better, faster. The partnership goes into effect today and marks the first clinical integration of a CareKit app in the field of mental health.

As part of the integration process, THS clinicians will be trained to help patients download and get started on the HIPAA-compliant St art app. Through Start, patients will be able to closely track their progress with antidepressants and fax regular progress reports to their doctors, directly from the app. THS providers will be able to add their own comments to the reports created by Start, and then use the information to more accurately monitor the effect of antidepressants in their patients. The likely outcome: improved results in treatment.

“We’re thrilled to join with Mindful Health Solutions to integrate the Start program into their practice,” said Thomas Goetz, MPH, CoFounder and CEO of Iodine. “The reality of treating depression has long been bleak, but our data shows that by closely monitoring antidepressant use through Start, patients recover at a much higher an d faster rate. By making Start a clinically-endorsed aspect of patient treatment, we’ll see a lot of depression sufferers experiencing dramatically better results.”

“Patients deserve to know how the ir treatment is progressing. Start provides an elegant user experience that enables the patient to report relevant progress allowing the clinician to objectively measure progress in a real-time basis,” said Dr. Richard Bermudes, Chief Medical Officer o f Mindful Health Solutions. “With Start our clinicians know which patients are benefiting from antidepressant medication and which patients need to try more effective treatments. We look forward to our partnership with Iodine that will drive value to both our patients and our clinicians.”

At the six-week mark, 46% of Start users report that they’re responding well to their treatment, compared with 33% of antidepressant users. After four weeks, Start users see an average improvement in their depression scores of nearly 6 points on the 27-point PHQ-9 scale. Start was chosen as an Apple CareKit launch partner this past April, and this is the first clinical integration of the app in mental health practice.

About Iodine
Iodine is a San Francisco based health technology startup whose mission is to help people find what works, faster. Through its robust interactive website that includes drug comparison tools, a wealth of information on hundreds of popular medications , and more, and its HIPAA-compliant and Apple CareKit enabled program and mobile app for treating depression, Start , Iodine is helping to empower patients to make the best and most informed decisions they can about their health. Iodine believes people’s real-world experience is the most powerful data set in medicine, bringing precision to helping people find the right medicine for them. For more on Iodine, see

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