What are the success rates of TMS treatment?

It’s not that OCD magically disappears completely. Often, patients will still report intrusive thoughts or obsessions after treatment, but they tell us that their brain is better at dealing with them. They are better at ignoring the intrusive thoughts; some say the obsessions seem quieter; others report they are able to stay present with things they care about more easily, and many describe a much greater ability to resist the urge to engage in compulsive behaviors that we know perpetuate OCD. In our practice, just over 1/3 of patients, meet the full response criteria of 30% or greater improvement in the YBOCS which is the standard measurement of OCD symptoms. On average, our patients see about a 6-7 point decrease in their YBOCS score which is clinically significant and on par with the kinds of successes we see with medications when they work for people, but usually in a faster amount of time. About 50-60% of our patients report at least a 20% reduction in symptoms

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