OCD is characterized by excessive thoughts and compulsions that may lead to repetitive behavior. These thoughts and compulsions may be unreasonable and fear-based, often triggering intense distress that gets in the way of everyday functioning and managing the tasks of everyday living.

Unfortunately, OCD is often misdiagnosed, or not diagnosed until someone has suffered for many years. If you think you or someone you care about may have OCD, it is important to be assessed by a provider intimately familiar with OCD and its many variations to get an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment recommendations.

Mindful Health Solutions’ OCD program focuses on offering comprehensive evaluation and evidence- based treatment approaches. Our treatment plans include discussion of various medication approaches, brain stimulation options such as TMS, reading or self-learning recommendations, lifestyle modifications, education to you and your family about the diagnosis, as well as helping to connect you to other OCD specialized individual therapists or groups.

We want to help patients to rise above their OCD. Our certified and professional doctors want to work with patients to free them from the burden of OCD with the most innovative, effective, non-invasive, and evidence-based therapies available.

If you think that you or a loved one is struggling with OCD, let us help. Go to our Contact Us page and reach out to us in a way that is comfortable for you. Together, we can find a path forward.

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