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Mental health care is changing, and that’s exciting. Esketamine is derived from the psychedelic drug ketamine. It’s an FDA-approved medication for depression and is thought to lead to growth through the creation of new connections in the brain. If you aren’t finding relief from traditional psychotherapy and medication management, then maybe esketamine treatments can help you find not just relief, but joy.  

What is esketamine?

Esketamine is a drug that is derived from the anesthetic ketamine that has a long history of being used to treat depression. Esketamine is a more potent form of ketamine and is fairly new to the market as it became FDA-approved in March 2019.  

Esketamine treatments come in the form of a nasal spray, which has a brand name called Spravato. The nasal spray is to be used alongside antidepressants to treat more severe cases of depression that are categorized as treatment-resistant depression (TRD). 

Because esketamine is considered a controlled substance, it must be administered by specially trained medical personnel in a certified clinical setting. Most patients receive it as an outpatient and go home in a couple of hours. 

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