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Ketamine infusion therapy is effective for patients struggling with a number of psychiatric conditions, including treatment-resistant depression (TRD), anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and suicidal ideation. Not finding relief from existing treatments such as medications, TMS or psychotherapy? Ketamine infusion therapy may be a potential treatment option for you to explore. 

Studies have shown that ketamine infusion therapy can improve symptoms of depression in ~70% of patients with TRD and can also result in total remission from depressive symptoms in 30-40% of patients. Similar results have also been shown in patients with PTSD. In a recent study, 63% of patients with suicidal ideation experienced complete resolution of suicidality within 3 days of ketamine treatment. 

Ketamine Infusion Therapy

What does a ketamine infusion therapy session look like?

IV ketamine treatments are an office-based, outpatient procedure. Currently at MHS, we have ketamine infusion therapy in San Francisco and Oakland, CA. The infusion lasts 40 minutes and the entire session takes about 90 minutes to complete. The session process will begin by getting you situated in a comfortable chair. Then, your clinician will inform you when the IV has started.

The first thing you will feel is a sense of relaxation of mind and/or body. You may then begin to feel slightly light or light-headed. Some people report a sense of feeling a slight warmth. Eventually, you may feel even lighter, almost a slight separation between yourself and your body. Your hands and legs may feel far away. Some people progressively feel more separation between themselves and the different components of consciousness (e.g., their thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and perception). Occasionally, people continue to progressively experience an even greater physical sensation of lightness – sometimes to the point of feeling above the room. Patients generally tolerate these sensations very well reporting the experience as “spiritual” or “pleasurable”.

If someone is struggling with depression, anxiety, or rumination, this point is when they feel much less of and/or distant from these feelings. This experience is frequently described as an immense relief – like the blanket of depression has been temporarily lifted. This experience can also serve as a very hopeful reminder to patients that depression or anxiety does not define them. These conditions are separate from them, and as such, they can be temporary.

In rare cases, patients may have a more negative experience. We have psychiatric professionals on site to help manage these rare events which are generally brief and usually resolve completely within 10-15 minutes after stopping the infusion.

Why Mindful Health Solutions for ketamine infusion therapy?

Ketamine infusion therapy is a novel treatment for depression; not all clinics can provide the same expert and safe medical care as we can at Mindful Health Solutions. Our ketamine clinics are run by expert clinicians in the field; they have years of expertise using ketamine infusion therapy to treat mental illness and have conducted and published peer-reviewed research on ketamine in top medical journals. You can trust that they will only recommend ketamine infusion therapy as a treatment option if it is safe and they believe it will help you finally experience the relief from mental illness that you deserve.

At Mindful Health Solutions, we understand the importance of patient-centered care and understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to mental health treatment. This is why we pride ourselves in offering standard treatment options such as medications and psychotherapy, alongside more cutting-edge alternative therapies such as TMS, Intranasal Esketamine (Spravato) and Ketamine infusion therapy.

Mindful Health Solutions also wants to make treatment comfortable and accessible. If patients are unable to physically come into the office for consultation or prefer a virtual appointment, Mindful Health Solutions offers telepsychiatry.  We also foster a strong culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Our clinicians and therapists strive to embody a sense of awareness, respect, and humility with regard to cultural differences. And last but not least, we accept most major insurances.

Leaders in ketamine infusion therapy

Dr. Marton is the Chief Medical Officer of Mindful Health Solutions. He has an extensive background in psychiatric and neuroscience research, including a PhD in Neuroscience, and has conducted research on the neurocircuitry of the Prefrontal Cortex as well as clinical and translational research projects.

Prior to joining MHS, Dr. Marton was on faculty at the UC San Francisco School of Medicine. In addition to starting the rTMS clinic at San Francisco VA Medical Center, in 2017 he founded and directed the San Francisco VA IV Ketamine Clinic, one of only a small number of clinical ketamine programs in the VA system at that time. He provided intravenous ketamine treatments to over 150 severely depressed veterans with over 2000 ketamine infusions and conducted several research studies. His peer-reviewed papers examining clinical outcomes in veterans receiving ketamine infusions for depression have been published in top medical journals such as Biological Psychiatry and Psychopharmacology. His work was recognized within the VA system where he developed and delivered the first VA-wide training for the delivery of IV Ketamine for depression and was also invited to present his work to the Research Advisory Council on Gulf War Illness, a congressionally-mandated advisory body. He has also educated and trained many medical students, residents, fellows, and attendings in the use of ketamine and therapeutic Neuromodulation to treat depressive disorders.

Dr. Marton brings his extensive clinical and research background to the MHS Ketamine Infusion Clinic. Based on his experience successfully treating veterans with severe depression and PTSD, He knows that Ketamine Infusion Therapy can be delivered safely and effectively while also aligning with the best available published evidence and clinical guidelines. He is committed to ensuring that patients being treated with Ketamine Infusion Therapy at MHS are receiving the highest possible standard of care consistent with the latest clinical guidelines and available research:

Dr. Toby Marton

Ketamine Infusion Therapy can be an incredibly powerful treatment for patients struggling with severe treatment-resistant depression, PTSD, and other psychiatric ailments. We are committed to providing safe, effective, and evidence-based ketamine infusion therapy at MHS. Our team looks forward to consulting with you to see if ketamine may be the right next step for you in your healing journey.

Dr. Toby Marton
CMO of Mindful Health Solutions

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