A New Horizon in Depression Treatment

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What is

SPRAVATO is a safe, non-invasive prescription nasal spray treatment that is thought to create new connections in the brain. It's the first and only FDA-approved treatment for depression that targets the glutamate system.

SPRAVATO is indicated for patients with depression who have had an unsatisfactory response to antidepressants or cannot tolerate their side effects. Most patients with treatment-resistant depression respond favorably to SPRAVATO treatments.

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Antidepressants aren’t always the answer.

1 in 3 people struggling with depression
1 in 3 people struggling with depression have Treatment-Resistant Depression (TRD), meaning they don’t respond to medications.
Recovery with SPRAVATO is 2.5x more likely for patients who failed 2+ medications.

Medications not working?


SPRAVATO patient results at Mindful Health Solutions:


65% of TRD patients respond positively to SPRAVATO within 6 weeks.



7% chance of success with
trying a 4th medication.*
*STAR-D trial

an option for
your patient?

Adults 18+
Major Depressive Disorder diagnosis
2+ antidepressant failures OR intolerable side effects to medication
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Our Simple
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After you refer your patient to Mindful Health Solutions, we'll take care of the rest.

  • Assign treatment specialist to provide full support
  • Handle insurance authorization
  • File claims for treatments on behalf of your patient
  • Consultation with providing clinician on the treatment process
  • Schedule your patients based on their lifestyle needs
  • Clinician closely monitors patients throughout treatment
  • Collaboration with referring provider and stakeholders
  • Patient returned to referring provider for continuation of care
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We are in-network with Kaiser, Medicare, and all major commercial insurance plans.

Hear what patients have to say

SPRAVATO is transforming lives.

For Nancy, SPRAVATO was a turning point, transforming decades of trauma and depression into a journey toward joy and peace. This transformation was symbolized by her visionary experience of releasing her burdens and moving forward unencumbered.

SPRAVATO offered a new lease on life for our patient, Diana, who was deeply ensnared by depression. SPRAVATO treatment enabled her to reconnect with her emotions, engage more fully with others, and most importantly, forge a stronger relationship with herself.

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