Our Philosophy

Everyone deserves a fulfilling life.

Our Team’s Philosophy

We’re a team of clinicians and staff who have dedicated our lives to research, education, and treating those with mental health conditions. We’re especially passionate about helping those with Treatment-Resistant Depression and providing the most advanced therapies available, including Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and esketamine nasal spray, both FDA-approved for advanced depression.

Mental health conditions can be profoundly painful and isolating, making it difficult to seek help. Our team provides a unique, patient-centered experience to help you find the appropriate treatment and relief from your symptoms. We’re grateful to be practicing psychiatry during this era in which there are so many new treatment possibilities and new hope for those with mental health conditions. Learn more below about the many ways our team strives to provide our patients with the best possible care.

The Story of the Butterfly

The Story of the Butterfly

Our Butterfly logo represents our company philosophy and our hopes for our patients.

A patient going through treatment for mental health conditions undergoes a metamorphosis, represented here with a butterfly. A butterfly is a symbol of growth and change, able to soar to new heights in its next chapter of life. We aspire to help each and every patient attain this goal.

Redefining Outpatient Psychiatry

Mindful Health Solutions is one of the nation’s leading providers of innovative behavioral health care with a focus on emerging psychedelic research, precision medicine, and cutting-edge treatment protocols such as TMS, Esketamine, and IV Ketamine for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression and other psychiatric illnesses. We founded one of the first TMS-focused clinics in the US and have deep expertise in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation. We then went on to establish one of the first clinics to provide Esketamine (Spravato) therapy at scale, and recently incorporated IV Ketamine into our depression treatment pathway.

Patients at Mindful Health Solutions have access to true thought leaders in the field focused on bringing academic rigor and years of experience with novel therapeutics to an integrated treatment strategy. We are currently leaning into the promise of psychedelic therapies for depression and PTSD as well as leveraging our extensive clinical outcomes repository to develop predictive algorithms that will help guide our clinicians in selecting the best treatment modality for their patients.

We have grown to 24 outpatient clinics located in California, Georgia, Texas, and Washington and continue to expand our innovative, precision-medicine platform into new markets.

Commitment To Innovation

Our clinicians enjoy the company of talented, motivated, and highly experienced colleagues with a passion for lifelong learning. Together, we cultivate a culture of creativity and collaboration that encourages thinking outside the box. Our practitioners actively research new therapies, new paths for patient education, and new ways to make our practice and services more effective.

Interventional Psychiatry Expertise

Our experienced clinical leadership team has been applying innovative treatment protocols through TMS, Esketamine, and IV Ketamine for years supported by positive outcome data. Mindful Health Solutions has one of the largest TMS and Esketamine patient outcome repositories in the world, consisting of over 1 million data points from 50,000+ patients with more than 300,000 patient visits to track our patients’ progress in real time and develop algorithms that help predict the probability of successful interventional treatment outcomes.

Insurance Coverage & Advocacy

It’s our mission to help make psychiatric treatments, including TMS and esketamine, a presciption nasal spray, accessible to all. TMS therapy and esketamine nasal spray are covered by most health insurance plans, and we continue to work on a patient-by-patient basis to advocate for coverage for all patients who need treatment. When insurance coverage is not approved or available for TMS or esketamine nasal spray, we help patients obtain financial assistance.

Patient Access Team

We want our patients to focus on their health instead of coverage, so we’ve created a specially trained Patient Access Team that handles all insurance and financing matters throughout their course of treatment.

When TMS therapy or esketamine nasal spray has been prescribed for treatment, the Patient Access Team assesses coverage and provides financing options for those without insurance. For the insured, we perform a thorough benefits investigation and work diligently to obtain insurance pre-authorization for services, including the sometimes complicated task of securing approval for TMS or esketamine. We also submit and process claims for all therapies and provide support as any coverage issues or questions about insurance arise.

Thoughtful Clinic Design

Our patient experience has been carefully considered from the moment they walk in the door through the conclusion of their treatment. Our architect-designed clinics feature pleasant, modern, and welcoming reception and waiting areas. Similarly, treatment and consult rooms are warm, calm and natural spaces, providing an inspiring and relaxing, non-clinical environment throughout the course of the multiple visits required for effective treatment.

Partnership With Referring Clinicians

We partner with a patient’s psychiatrist, primary care provider, or therapist to help ensure the best possible treatment outcomes. We work with patients to create a treatment plan, confer with their referring clinicians to gather information and records, and make sure treatment expectations are aligned. As treatment progresses, we regularly update referring clinicians to provide feedback as to their patient’s progress. At the conclusion of the TMS treatment course or course of esketamine nasal spray, we provide a final report for the referring physician and check in with the patient as needed.

Metric-Based Outcomes

To continually improve our practice and best serve our patients, we believe in getting granular. Our team tracks our patients’ treatment and progress with tools such as the PHQ-9 screen, using confidential methods to ensure anonymity. We regularly review each patient’s responsiveness and use the data to adjust their treatment. We also aggregate the information to help us gain a deeper understanding of our practice’s overall effectiveness, and guide us as we improve our procedures and expand our range of therapy options. We present our progress and findings at conferences, trainings, and on our website.

We believe that transparent reporting methods strengthen our patient relationships and advances public discussion and understanding of depression and other mental health conditions.

Community Education

Community education is a cornerstone of our practice. Our psychiatrists and nurse practitioners regularly host public information sessions on depression management, TMS, and esketamine nasal spray, which help community members gain insight into their health and treatment options, and allow us to better understand their needs. For clinicians, we offer accredited TMS workshops and symposia that foster dialogue with other providers and a culture of lifelong learning. These exchanges of information and ideas makes us better practitioners and helps us provide you with superior healthcare.

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