Finding the Best Treatment for Your Child with Adolescent Depression

The following blog is from a guest blogger that is the mother of a child with Adolescent Depression. Being a mother is a gift and a challenge. Being the mother of the child with adolescent depression (AD) makes you appreciate the gift of the good times, but enhances the ongoing challenge of providing a supportive, […]

Making New Year’s Resolutions That Actually Stick

by Stephanie Dodaro We have a love-hate relationship with New Year’s resolutions. After the excesses of the holiday season, many of us feel compelled to eat healthier, exercise, and seek out various other ways to improve our lives. The act of making resolutions helps you feel in immediate control of your destiny, giving you confidence […]

Dr. Rosi Gives His Advice on Identifying and Treating Adolescent Depression

Thanks for sharing this story. It is wonderful to hear that your daughter has supportive parents and professionals assisting in her care.  You bring up some very important points that should be highlighted. First and foremost, identifying the symptoms of depression is essential.  It is extremely challenging to separate out what is “normal” developmental behavior versus […]

Dealing with Loss During the Holidays

by Stephanie Dodaro Although dealing with grief is difficult any time of year, the holiday season can magnify the bereaved’s sense of sadness and loss. The holidays are traditionally spent with friends and family, making merry and celebrating traditions. For those going through divorce, caring for the terminally ill, or mourning, the festivities can remind […]

The Promise of College and the Pitfalls of Depression

by Stephanie Dodaro Every fall, millions of young adults leave home to attend college. While college offers many exciting opportunities for learning and growth, the transition to independence and collegiate life can also feel overwhelming. Common Struggles for New College Students At college, young adults learn to fend for themselves as they navigate an entirely […]

Empty Nesters and Depression: What to Do When Your Grief Won’t End

By Stephanie Dodaro Every year, millions of young adults leave home for the first time: to get jobs, attend college, join the military, or get married. For parents or guardians left in the proverbial nest, this can be a joyful time, but also an emotional and potentially difficult one. It is common to experience a […]
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