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As a psychiatrist, you have the power to not only help your patients feel better today, but to shape the behavioral health care field of tomorrow. The next decade promises a revolution in how we approach mental health from a fragmented to an integrated care model. Mindful Health Solutions is leading the charge, offering cohesive care coordination, comprehensive services, patient-centered care, and preventative measures for improved long-term outcomes. Read on to discover how you can drive the mental health field forward at Mindful Health Solutions while being empowered as a psychiatrist. 

Leading the Way in Integrated Behavioral Health Care 

At Mindful Health Solutions, we take pride in being leaders in integrated behavioral health care. Our comprehensive treatment model solves the most pressing challenges faced by physicians who treat patients with major depressive disorder. Medication management is often the starting point, but not always the solution. We specialize in providing integrated care through cutting-edge interventional treatment protocols such as TMS, Esketamine, and IV Ketamine, effectively addressing major depressive disorder and other psychiatric illnesses. Join us at the forefront of mental health advancement and provide your patients with treatments that truly work. 

Combining Experience with Innovation 

We provide the resources and support to propel your career forward and make a lasting impact on the well-being of your patients. Our rich history of pioneering interventional psychiatry, including founding one of the first TMS-focused clinics in the United States and establishing clinics for Esketamine and IV Ketamine therapies, positions you at the forefront of mental health care innovation. 

Drawing from our extensive experience and analysis, we have gained valuable insights into what works, what doesn’t, and what’s missing to provide personalized and evidence-based mental health care. With one of the largest E&M, TMS, and Esketamine clinical outcome data repositories in the world, we continually customize and expand our services to better meet the needs of our patients. As you explore the potential of psychedelic therapies, you can leverage our clinical outcomes repository to develop predictive algorithms that advise on the best possible treatment modalities.  

Access to Thought Leaders and Academic Rigor 

You’ll learn from and become one of the true thought leaders in the field. Our experts bring academic rigor and years of experience with novel therapeutics to an integrated treatment strategy. Enjoy the company of talented, motivated, and highly experienced colleagues with a passion for lifelong learning. Together, we cultivate a culture of creativity and collaboration that encourages thinking outside the box. You will work with other clinicians to actively research new therapies, new paths for patient education, and new ways to make our practice and services more effective. 

Collaboration and Learning Opportunities 

When you begin your journey at Mindful Health Solutions, you will undergo a month-long training program at our comprehensive onsite training facility in Mission Viejo, California. This program is led by leading experts in interventional psychiatry, and upon completion of the training, you will be certified to deliver TMS treatment.  

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Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in our advanced clinical trial program, collaborating with influential research institutions to validate the effectiveness of emerging psychedelic treatments. Clinical trials are a crucial step in bringing new treatment options to people worldwide, and you can actively contribute to this important work. 

Spend Time with Patients, Not Paperwork 

We understand that administrative responsibilities can be burdensome for physicians. We have built an operational infrastructure that relieves you from administrative tasks related to insurance, scheduling, billing, and more. Our fully integrated platform is designed with physicians in mind, providing a patient-centric experience while delivering evidence-based outcomes. By joining our team, you can focus on what matters most: providing exceptional care for your patients. 

Purpose, Culture, and Growth 

Our purpose is to transform suffering so that every person can live a joyful life. You will thrive in a culture of growth, respect, and passion. We value your expertise and dedication to helping us remain at the leading edge of behavioral health. Become part of one of the most professional, diverse, and reputable teams in the field, with unlimited opportunities for personal and professional development.  

Our Purpose To transform suffering so every person can live a joyful life

With 27 outpatient clinics across California, Georgia, Texas, and Washington, we are rapidly expanding our precision medicine platform into new markets. You will be part of a vibrant growth story, working closely with an experienced clinical leadership team that has a proven track record of implementing innovative treatment protocols supported by positive outcome data. 

Join Our Team and Shape the Future 

On behalf of Mindful Health Solutions, I invite you to join our team and contribute to the future of behavioral health care. Bring your ideas, ingenuity, and determination to make a significant difference in the lives of countless individuals struggling with mental health conditions. Together, we can transform the field of psychiatry and help people achieve lasting well-being. 

To explore career opportunities and learn more about Mindful Health Solutions, visit our website or contact us at We look forward to welcoming you to our team and embarking on this transformative journey together. 

Patients First,

John Minahan  

Chief Executive Officer of Mindful Health Solutions

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