Learn how we have been sustainably growing our business as we work toward transforming suffering so every person can live a joyful life.

2022 was a foundational year for Mindful Health Solutions. We doubled the number of people we could help by doubling our providers. We hired very talented doctors and employees throughout the organization. Most importantly, we did all this and more while remaining true to our purpose: To transform suffering so every person can live a joyful life. However, our growth was purposefully limited in 2022. Keep reading to learn why as well as how we plan on growing sustainably in 2023.  

The mistake of growing too fast  

Many companies want to grow and grow fast. When I speak with people from high-growth companies that struggled or failed, I always ask them what went wrong. The majority reply with, “We grew too fast.” But what does “we grew too fast” really mean?  

It means nobody took the time to address the foundational needs of the business. Companies exponentially grow until they don’t. High turnover, lack of communication, and patient retention are all caused by nobody building the foundational structure required to handle the growth. So, when someone says, “we grew too fast,” they really mean that they failed at building a sustainable company.  

Building a foundation and growing sustainably  

Because we understand the mistake of growing too fast, we take a different approach at Mindful Health Solutions. Our growth in 2022 was limited as we took the time to build a foundation that will allow us to grow without limitation while improving the patient experience into 2023 and beyond.   

To build our foundation, we followed my one rule about process and scale that allows us to keep our business simple. That rule is: a process must work for $1 of revenue or $1 billion. This concept may seem easy, but it’s harder to realize.   

One major component of that rule is to form strong processes that solve current and future problems. Without strong processes, a company will not be able to grow successfully. So, in 2022 Mindful Health Solutions was focused on building solutions with a clear vision of the future with the intention of never having to pick them up again. Sure, we may need to adapt and evolve, but not foundationally. Because we took this step, we will be able to continue growing sustainably more easily in 2023.

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Growth opportunities for 2023  

As we enter 2023, we know we have the ability to hire and recruit 200+ providers if we want. We can onboard them, train them, and fill their panels. We can manage tens of thousands of phone calls, schedule appointments, bill, and collect. But are we going to do that? Yes, we are.   

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One of our goals for 2023 is to ramp up our therapy program. By the end of next year, we expect to have over 75 highly trained therapists who will all be in-network. They will work closely with our psychiatrists to give our patients options and address their needs as best as possible.   

Our programs are strong, but over the next year, another goal of ours is to make them even stronger. We are expanding our capabilities in depression care while strengthening our child and adolescent psychiatryreproductive psychiatry, and OCD treatment programs.   

Both of these goals will help us achieve our purpose of transforming suffering so every person can live a joyful life. Because we took the time to build a strong foundation, we are confident in reaching these goals while growing sustainably. We look forward to helping more and more people in need by expanding access to quality care across the country.   

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