Pride Month is about more than parades, limited-edition products, and turning corporate logos rainbow for a few weeks. At its core, Pride Month is about celebrating individuality and diversity, recognizing the challenges faced and the resilience fostered among marginalized and minority communities, and building a society that holds space for everyone to be welcome just as they are.

At Mindful Health Solutions, our mission is to provide an individualized, patient-centered experience and make education, support, and front-line psychiatric treatment accessible to all. Mindful Health Solutions recognizes that one-size-fits-all healthcare models can be dehumanizing and can fail to account for the breadth and depth of people’s needs, goals, resources, and values; this is why we are committed to providing a personalized, compassionate, and integrative healthcare experience for our patients.

What Pride Month Means for Us

During Pride Month, the rainbow is on full display as a symbol of beauty, individuality, and hope. Mindful Health Solutions’ butterfly logo reflects these same themes, accompanied by the message that undergoing treatment for mental health conditions is a metamorphosis of the self. From this transformative process emerges a vibrant, new self that is able to soar to new heights and explore new ways of being. Just like the caterpillar and the butterfly, this new self is built from pieces of the old one; the pieces have just been rearranged into a new shape and structure for the next chapter of life. Mindful Health Solutions understands that mental health treatment isn’t about fundamentally changing who you are as a person, but about helping you discover and create better-fitting ways of expressing and honoring your individuality, strengths, needs, and goals.

Our diverse cohort of clinicians, staff, and business team members are constantly working to create a culture of respect, creativity, collaboration, and innovation so that patients know they are welcome and deserving of support as they are. We are passionate about making advanced psychiatric treatment accessible to everyone, a mission that is reflected by many of our practices. In addition to offering services for clinical depression, treatment-resistant depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and memory disorders, we offer telepsychiatry to make managing your mental healthcare easier and more accessible. We work with referring clinicians to create a more integrated patient experience and to ensure better, more comprehensive care while minimizing the burden on the patient to communicate between healthcare professionals. Because they are evidence-supported and FDA-cleared, our treatments are covered by the majority of insurance providers; on the occasions where they are not already covered, we have a specialized team that advocates for treatment authorization with your insurance. If coverage is ultimately not available, our Patient Access Team helps patients obtain financial assistance.

In addition to providing advocacy and treatment, Mindful Health Solutions also prioritizes education. We believe that providing education about mental health conditions and wellness allows patients to empower themselves and claim greater agency in their lives, both within and beyond the confines of mental health treatment. Building a strong knowledge base with patients not only cultivates patient autonomy and confidence, but also helps foster resilient hope for the future. The better patients understand the challenges they may face and the options they have for approaching those challenges, the less likely they are to feel alone, overwhelmed, or trapped in the dark. Instead, they have the opportunity to experience feeling supported, prepared to competently respond to adversity, and aware of where they are and where they would like to end up.

Lastly, Mindful Health Solutions provides community mental health resources for both patients and their loved ones. Included are specific resources for children, teens, young adults, parents, families, and those who identify as LGBTQ+, among others. No matter who you are or how you identify, we firmly believe that you deserve access to support and care. Mindful Health Solutions is always working to find new ways to improve patients’ lives, to honor the individuality of each patient as a unique person with specific needs and goals, and to treat people with the dignity and compassion that we all deserve.

As you celebrate Pride Month this year, know that Mindful Health Solutions celebrates alongside you. If you need help, Contact Us today.

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