Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a common and lifelong disorder that impacts children and adults alike. It is a complex disorder that can significantly impact mental health. Importantly, many individuals with ADHD also suffer from depression and anxiety.

ADHD can present itself in many different symptoms, but most of them fall into two buckets: inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity. Inattention symptoms include (but are not limited to) difficulty with concentrating, listening, and organizing, as well as avoiding tasks that require focus, often losing things, being distracted easily, and being forgetful during activities. Hyperactivity symptoms include (but also are not limited to) fidgeting, restlessness, excessive talking, difficulty engaging in quiet activities and talking turns, and interrupting often.

The consequences of NOT diagnosing/treating ADHD are serious for both adults and children. In addition to experiencing difficulties in school or work, consequences can include an increased risk of accidents, relationship difficulties, legal problems, bankruptcy, and increased risk of criminal involvement.

Recommended treatment for ADHD includes medication, talk therapy and/or coaching, patient education, apps, and support positive behavior modifications.

At Mindful Health Solutions, we are dedicated to helping people overcome all the challenges of ADHD. We are able to properly diagnose and treat ADHD, but also share education and resources with you through our blog posts.

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