Preventive Depression Screenings Help Deliver Treatment, Ease Stigma

“When I was first diagnosed with major depressive disorder, I was taken aback.” said writer Marie Rudowski. “It was 1993 and ‘depression’ wasn’t quite a household word yet. People with mental illnesses were considered weak or even throwaways. I was glad to have a diagnosis, but I didn’t want to think of myself as ‘broken.’” […]

Depression Screening Now Recommended for All Adults

In an effort to get treatment to the millions of Americans suffering from undiagnosed depression, the U.S. Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) recently recommended that all adults, including pregnant women, be screened for the disease. Published in the January 26, 2016 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, the USPSTF recommendation places special emphasis on […]

Taking Care of Your Heart and Mind on Valentine’s Day

When Valentine’s Day hearts and cupids start going up in store windows, and we begin hearing about peoples’ plans for romantic celebrations, it’s hard not to give at least some consideration to your own relationships or how far you may seem to be from having normal relationships. If you’re suffering from depression, the holiday hoopla can […]

Solutions for Treating and Overcoming the Stigma of Depression in Men

Approximately 6 million American men have depression each year, but fewer than half recognize, acknowledge, or seek treatment. Unfortunately, many men feel like they need to be “strong and silent” about their mental illness or society will look down on them, leading them to not find the correct treatment. According to the Movember Foundation, society as a whole […]

Identifying Depression in Men and Fighting the Stigma

Depression is a serious illness that can affect anyone at any age. For many men, there is the added stigma that men with depression are weak or less than other men. This leads to men trying to be “strong and silent” about their mental health challenges and not seek the correct treatment. Approximately 6 million American men have […]

Dr. Rosi’s Thoughts on Identifying and Treating Adolescent Depression

The following is Dr. Rosi’s final blog on Adolescent Depression. As we’ve discussed in the previous blogs, Adolescent Depression is a challenging, and often debilitating, disease that needs to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to achieve the best results. First and foremost is identification. If your adolescent is undergoing stress and/or emotional changes, […]

Dr. Rosi’s Thoughts on Treating Adolescent Depression with TMS Therapy

The following is Dr. Rosi’s response to the Blog The Importance of Treating Depression from a Sister’s Perspective. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and perspective on your sister’s depression.  Your observations on how Adolescent Depression can affect a person and family are shared by the hundreds of family members I have seen over my years of treating […]

The Importance of Treating Depression from a Sister’s Perspective

The following blog is from a guest blogger that is the sister of a child with Adolescent Depression. Even though it’s my sister that has depression, all of the family is affected. And, while medication and therapy helps, things are never that simple. Since she was diagnosed, my sister has been on and off different […]

Finding the Best Treatment for Your Child with Adolescent Depression

The following blog is from a guest blogger that is the mother of a child with Adolescent Depression. Being a mother is a gift and a challenge. Being the mother of the child with adolescent depression (AD) makes you appreciate the gift of the good times, but enhances the ongoing challenge of providing a supportive, […]
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