Bobbi Porche, M.D.


Dr. Porche is medical graduate and did residency psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine. She is interested in TMS and esketamine due to the benefits it can provide patients who have suffered with treatment resistant depression. 

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More about Bobbi Porche, M.D.

Dr. Porche discovered her passion for psychiatry during medical school. While working rotations in a General Hospital, she found herself more focused on the mental health of patients who were admitted. She is interested in TMS and esketamine due to the benefits they can provide patients who suffer from treatment-resistant depression. 

Her broad experience covers treating depression, anxiety, OCD, ADHD, bipolar disorder, and PTSD mostly in adults of all ages. At Mindful Health Solutions, she will also focus on medication management, TMS, and Esketamine treatment options.

She believes in working together with patients to find the best treatment plan for the patient. She also enjoys educating patients who may be new to medication treatment and have reservations about it.

Personal Interests

She enjoys watching sports with her husband and being in the company of friends and family. She is passionate about the Buckeye’s Football team, and always enjoys reading new books. When not in the comfort of her home, she is always looking for an excuse to travel in order to experience new places and their cultures.

Education & Experience

After graduating from medical school, she started her career in General Surgery. Although she enjoyed the work, she realized she had a stronger passion for the mental health concerns of her patients. Following this realization, she accepted a Psychiatry Residency position at Baylor College of Medicine.

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