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Treatment Video FAQs

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How We Can Help You

Watch our FAQ videos with answers to many of the questions we receive on our treatments and services, including TMS therapy and esketamine nasal spray, both FDA-approved treatments for advanced depression.

Treatment FAQs
Top Experts on TMS and TRD

Led by the Nation’s
Top Experts on TMS and TRD

Our team specializes in caring for the 40% of patients who don’t respond to medication and providing innovative and effective therapies for these patients with Treatment-Resistant Depression.

Nation’s Top Experts
Convenient Locations Near You

Convenient Locations
Near You

Our state-of-the-art treatment clinics are open during hours that accommodate your schedule and are conveniently located near you in Northern and Southern California.


Accepting Most Insurance Carriers Including:

United Healthcare
TriWest (Veterans)
Beacon Health Options
Managed Health Network
Blue Shield of California
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