TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. It is a safe, non-invasive, non-medication treatment for clinical depression.

TMS treatment is used on adolescents- generally over fifteen- with depression and that have tried medications without success or may want a treatment without side effects.

The patient sits in a comfortable chair while the TMS coil is properly set in place on their head. Then, magnetic pulses are sent to the area of the brain responsible for mood. You can watch TV during treatment, listen to music, or talk with our staff- and the parent can be in the room if this is most comfortable. (I’m not sure about that)

Yes. TMS therapy was cleared by the FDA in 2008 for depression in adults.

There are very few side effects. Some may experience a mild headache, but overall, patients will be able to resume their normal activities, after school lessons, sports practices, or homework after treatment. In fact, some people experience more energy after each session.

Each treatment lasts about 20-30 minutes. The full course of treatment will generally be five days a week for 4-6 weeks.

Try and talk to your teenager about how they are feeling- and see if you notice any changes in their patterns or moods or eating habits. And talk to your doctor.

TMS works differently than medications and doesn’t affect the whole body and has very minor side effects. It doesn’t circulate through the bloodstream like antidepressants. For some, antidepressants do not give them the relief they want, and TMS has been found to be a solution for those people.

Some teens may stay on medications during TMS treatment. Following the treatment, your doctor can help you determine any needed medications moving forward.

Yes! Most major insurances cover TMS, and we’ll work directly with your insurance provider on your behalf to help you get covered.

One in two patients treated with TMS had a 50% reduction in their symptoms, and after six weeks of treatment, one-third (33%) of patients had no symptoms of their depression or were in remission. (update with any numbers specific to teens?)

Yes, parents can be in the room during the appointment if that will help alleviate any anxiety.

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