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A few years back, when I first started in the eating disorder field, I was copied on an email regarding the financial discharge of a highly acute adolescent patient. I asked what “financial discharge” meant because I wanted to have an open discussion with the employees. It seems the young girl was very sick but was denied extended inpatient care by the insurance company. I asked what the doctor thought she needed. The doctor said she would probably die without at least 90 days of inpatient treatment. The insurance company denied care after 30 days.

This situation highlighted a troubling myth in healthcare: that doctors can treat in-network patients as they see fit and get paid for it. At Mindful Health Solutions, we often deal with major depressive disorder, a serious condition that can lead to tragic consequences without proper intervention.

So, what’s the solution when a critically ill patient is denied the care they not only need but deserve? At Mindful Health Solutions, we let doctors do what they’re trained to do. We don’t believe the limits of care should be defined by insurance companies.

Our VIP Program

Within our insurance billing framework, there’s a unique category named “VIP.” This comes into play when, say, a patient’s condition hasn’t improved with medication, and our provider believes Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is the answer, but their insurance won’t cover it. TMS, which involves 36 treatments, is then provided at no cost under VIP status.

But why call it VIP? Because at Mindful Health Solutions, every patient is invaluable. By designating them as VIPs, we not only provide them with the care they need but also affirm their importance and dignity. They can walk through our doors, proudly say, “I am a VIP,” and know they will receive the best possible treatment. It’s a testament to our philosophy that every patient deserves to feel valued and significant.

The nomination process to the VIP program is simple. The provider reaches out with the patient’s story, firmly believing that TMS is the right call. Even when insurance says no, our commitment to patient care says yes. And we’ve never turned down such a request. We just can’t.

VIP status is more than a label; it’s a lifeline. It’s granted based on the provider’s conviction that TMS will significantly benefit the patient. Despite insurance denials, our commitment to our patients’ well-being means we never refuse such treatment. We simply don’t know how to say no when it comes to saving lives.

The Impact of Our VIP Program

The impact of this approach is not just anecdotal; it’s measurable. Our VIP patients have shown an average decrease of 5.13 on the PHQ-9 scale, a significant shift from severe to moderate depression.

In the past year alone, we’ve seen remarkable outcomes in 43 patients under this initiative. While 43 may seem a small number, it represents 43 lives profoundly changed lives that would have suffered without our intervention. Among these, 31 patients improved by more than 50%, and 8 achieved total remission.

Patients Come First

At Mindful Health Solutions, our value is clear: patient needs come first. Our story isn’t just about healthcare. It’s about hope, healing, and the relentless pursuit of giving patients the care they deserve, regardless of insurance coverage. As we reflect on this during the holiday season, it’s a reminder of the profound impact compassionate, patient-centered care can have.

And the young girl from the beginning? She became the first VIP patient. She received the comprehensive care she needed, defying the odds and beginning her journey to recovery. Her story is a testament to what can be achieved when care is driven by compassion and conviction, rather than financial considerations. It’s a powerful reminder of why we do what we do in healthcare.

Patients First,

John Minahan  

Chief Executive Officer of Mindful Health Solutions

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