Many people go through significant changes in their bodies because of reproduction and reproductive transitions. It is incredibly common for these physical changes to cause mental distress. Reproductive psychiatry is the treatment of mental illness during reproductive transition periods and is for anyone experiencing mental health concerns related to pregnancy, postpartum, fertility, menopause, or any other hormonal changes related to reproduction. This includes transgender men, nonbinary and genderqueer individuals, any person with a uterus, ovaries, or vagina.

Mental health concerns surrounding reproduction are common. While most patients see an OB/GYN for primary care, many OB/GYN providers are not adequately trained to assess and treat common psychiatric conditions.

Treatment plans are customized to each patient and their reproductive goals. Treatments may include medication management, psychotherapy, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and/or esketamine nasal spray when appropriate.

Unfortunately, reproductive psychiatry is one of the lesser-known fields within psychiatry. Our blog posts are written to increase the knowledge and understanding of the conditions that fall under the reproductive psychiatry umbrella as well as ways to help treat them.

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