When Valentine’s Day hearts and cupids start going up in store windows, and we begin hearing about peoples’ plans for romantic celebrations, it’s hard not to give at least some consideration to your own relationships or how far you may seem to be from having normal relationships. If you’re suffering from depression, the holiday hoopla can remind you how painful interactions with people can be, how alone you may feel, and how far you may seem to be from normal relationships. Those who are undiagnosed or unaware that they have depression may blame themselves for their intensely pessimistic feelings and for distancing themselves from relationships with friends, families, and partners.

Why Valentine’s Day Might Be Extra Hard

People suffering from depression become hyperaware and hypersensitive and see their lives through a negative lens. Even simple interactions with others can be extremely stressful and eventually you may start feeling overwhelmed by internal and external stimuli. You feel that you don’t understand your feelings and reactions, let alone how to interact with others. Also, you may begin to withdraw from people. Although you try very hard to be positive, it’s hard to stop the tidal wave of pessimistic feelings about yourself and your prospects. Those in relationships may feel like they are failing themselves and their significant others, and singles can see themselves as unworthy of love or partnership.

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How To Navigate Valentine’s Day

If you think you may be experiencing depression, please let friends or family know and seek professional help from your health care provider. Although it may seem counterintuitive to talk to others, there are supportive and understanding people out there waiting to help. It takes courage and faith to make that step, but taking some kind of action will make you feel a little better. It might be some time before you connect with the right doctor and establish a treatment plan, but know that assistance is available and relief is absolutely possible. If that is the case for you, then click here to get the support you need today.

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