Unfortunately, too many people are struggling with depression and just can’t find a way out of it. Our patient, Nancy, was one of those people. Nancy shares her battle with long-term, treatment-resistant depression and how she found hope – and recovery – with esketamine nasal spray treatment. Her esketamine patient review helps to encourage anyone like her to try even one more thing to see if it can help. 

Nancy’s Background & Treatment

Nancy suffered from long-term, treatment-resistant depression. “I’ve had trauma throughout my life. I’ve carried it with me for decades and decades, and I’ve gone through all of the traditional steps for depression and anxiety,” she shares. Eventually, she found help at Mindful Health Solutions.

With her doctors at Mindful Health Solutions, she started esketamine treatment and found relief from her depression. Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Lonocha explains, “One of the interesting things about esketamine is that it induces an altered state of consciousness. This altered state allows people to access very relevant and important for the person to understand how those events have affected their life as an individual.”

Because of this process, patients are able to productively move forward from those sometimes painful or difficult memories. In fact, Esketamine is the first FDA-approved medication for depression to work on the glutamate system in addition to other systems. Because of its unique qualities, esketamine is thought to lead to growth by creating new connections in the brain.  

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Nancy’s Esketamine Sessions

With esketamine treatments, Nancy says, “I can see what I need to work on from a different perspective. Peacefulness and joy have replaced trauma.”  

During an esketamine session, patients self-administer the medication under the supervision of a healthcare provider and in a setting designed for comfort and safety. During and after each treatment, the patient will be monitored for two hours by medical staff. A typical course of treatment consists of twelve sessions over two months plus maintenance treatments to be determined by your physician.  

Nancy was able to have a loved one accompany her during her esketamine sessions. He shares, “I have been fortunate enough to be able to sit through all of her treatments. I remember in one of the treatments, she cried tears of joy. She dreamt that she was on a locomotive pulling 100 cars going up a hill, and these cars were filled with the traumas that had overwhelmed her. She leaned down and pulled the plug that separated the locomotive from the cars, and the cars slowly faded into the sunset. It was like there was a new life going forward, and she became unburdened from all this trauma luggage she’d been carrying around that had negatively affected her life for all these years.”  

Nancy’s Esketamine Patient Review

Nancy’s quality of life has significantly improved since starting esketamine treatments. She wants others who are struggling to find the relief that she has. “People who’ve traveled this dark journey of depression: there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Just try one more thing. Have hope one more time,” she states.  

If you found this esketamine patient review inspiring, and if you’ve been struggling with treatment-resistant depression or other mental health conditions, we want to help you. Go to our Contact Us page and reach out to us in a way that is comfortable for you. Together, we can find a path forward, and maybe esketamine is part of that path.   

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